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  • The Rescue: Academy Award®-winning directors and producers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin bring alive one of the most extraordinary rescues of modern times. Feature length documentary Produced for National Geographic, following the British cave diving heroes who baffled the world with their skills and courage to rescue a Thai football team.


  • Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard: Windfall Films, Scotland. Sir David Attenborough takes us through the discovery of five ice age Mammoths which were unearthed in the Cotswolds after 200,000 years.​

  • The Stonehenge Enigma: Filmed by Wild Blue Media for Channel 5 and  Discovery Science Channel (U.S.). Presenter Rob Bell gives us something that “turns everything we thought we knew about our most loved monument on its head”.​

  • The Great Mountain Sheep Gather: Bafta award winning feature length documentary Produced and Directed by Johnny Shipley for Windfall Films, following the shepherds of Scafell Pike.

  • Royal Autopsy - SKY History: Based on the available evidence, Professor Alice Roberts and Dr Brett Lockyer deliver their findings to reveal what they believe really did kill King Charles II, Queen Elizabeth I, George IV, 'Bloody' Mary, Henry IV and Queen Anne.

  • The Shift - NBC UniversalSet in the world of Formula 1, this docu-series shows how seven high-growth organizations took on digital transformation during heavy market headwinds — and made it through.


  • We Are England - BBC: Award-winning regional current affairs documentary programme.

  • How To Build A Human - Little Gem: Documentary exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Gemma Chan, who plays android Mia in sci-fi drama Humans, meets experts in robotics and computer programming from around the world, and visits a project attempting to create a computer more powerful than the human brain. Gemma participates in an experiment to create a robotic version of herself, which is then tested for its ability to produce convincing human responses.

  • The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments - BBC: Social media and reality TV has fuelled a huge interest in people wanting to tweak their appearance without going under the knife. Michael Mosley takes a closer look behind the mask of the cosmetic surgery industry

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